100 Ones to Watch 2021

CIC CreaTech Ones to Watch 2021 Application

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2021 CreaTech Ones to Watch innovations can be products services or experiences which deliver against the following definition of CreaTech:

‘CreaTech is used to describe new tech that seeks to improve and automate the delivery and use of creative services. CreaTech is utilised to support both companies and consumers better manage their operations and processes by applying specialised software and algorithms that are used on computers, smartphones, consoles and other Internet of Things devices.

Put simply, we are looking at the interface of tech, and creative industries – which captures both the transformation of the creative industries by technology, and the co-creation of new tech products and services for creative outputs, processes, products and services.

Sectors that fall within this analysis include design, crafts, music, museums, fashion, film/TV/radio/audio, music and entertainment, esports, marketing tech, architectures, augmented reality, virtual reality, gaming and media.’ (The CreaTech Report: Tech Nation for Creative Industries Council, March 2021)

Our selection process will also take account of the following five factors:

  1. Surprise factor (creativity + originality):
    Is it something we haven’t come across before? Is it cool and surprising in the way technology meets creativity, taking advantage of the latest developments in hardware and software to offer new and exciting products, services and experiences?
  2. Purpose factor (effectiveness + problem-solving):
    Does it solve a problem and mobilise businesses to accomplish new or existing goals delivering new opportunities in the way people live, work, play and learn.
  3. Disruptive factor (originality + ambition):
    Does it show signs of having ramifications beyond the immediate discovery and the potential to transform the way businesses operate and service markets?
  4. Cross-sectoral impact and/or opportunity for global collaboration:
    Does it offer the opportunity to deliver true creative sector/technology partnerships and collaboration across sectors and industries in the UK and worldwide. The case studies will have a UK creative originator but can also showcase some interesting collaborations with foreign partners (either tech partners or clients)
  5. Commercial impact:
    Is the innovation far enough along to be able to offer evidence of likely commercial viability. It needs to be at least in a prototype stage; being trialled; won an award; or have funding. Ideally it has a business plan and projected growth targets with early or proven evidence of success.

In addition we will be looking for enthusiasm, commitment and passion from the team behind the innovation.

Your Application

Application is by a short written submission of 600 - 750 words, supported by creative assets. In addition we ask you to put forward a person to represent your application and to complete an entry form which will help us log essential information and help with classifications.

Don’t forget the deadline of 11:59pm on Monday 28th June 2021.